Planning a patient's care transitions and closing the gaps in care from one healthcare setting to another can have a significant effect on health outcomes, likelihood of readmission and ER visits, cost to patients, providers and insurers, and the burden on caregivers and family members.

CMS has recently funded 14 projects to address just this issue.

"Our data show that nearly one in five patients who leave the hospital today will be re-admitted within the next month, and that more than three-quarters of these re-admissions are potentially preventable," said CMS Acting Administrator Charlene Frizzera. "This situation can be changed by approaching health care quality from a community-wide perspective, and focusing on how all of the members of an area's health care team can better work together in the best interests of their shared patient population."

The goal of the Care Transitions Project is to improve healthcare processes so that patients, their caregivers, and their entire team of providers have what they need to keep patients from returning to the hospital for ongoing care needs. By promoting seamless transitions from the hospital to home, skilled nursing care, or home health care, this community-wide approach seeks, not only to reduce hospital readmissions but to yield sustainable and replicable strategies that achieve high-value health care for Medicare beneficiaries

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