Analyzing CMS’s Medicare Shared Savings Final Rule: Implementation Advice for ACOs

While many in the healthcare industry have taken a "watchful waiting" stance for CMS to release its regulations governing the Medicare Shared Savings programs, others are moving forward to take advantage of the commercial ACO opportunity.

Commercial ACOs provide a greater opportunity over Medicare ACOs for health plans and health systems as there is more creativity on the commercial side if you have strong partnerships, says Greg Mertz, senior project director with the Healthcare Strategy Group.

During Analyzing CMS's Medicare Shared Savings Final Rule: Implementation Advice for ACOs, a 45-minute program on April 21st at 1:30 p.m. Eastern time, Mertz will provide a critical analysis of CMS's final rule on Medicare Shared Savings (set to be released within the next two weeks) and how they will impact commercial ACOs.

Mertz will discuss:

  • The challenges presented to the ACO model by the new rules;
  • Differences between the federal and commercial ACO model;
  • When does the ACO model make sense for an organization;
  • Why a readiness assessment is critical to an ACO; and
  • The biggest barriers to ACO success.

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Join us on April 21st for an inside look at the CMS regulations and the opportunities available for commercial ACOs.

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Melanie Matthews
Executive Vice President
The Healthcare Intelligence Network

About the Expert

Greg Mertz is senior project manager with the Healthcare Strategy Group, focusing on performance improvement of complex physician organizations in both hospital-affiliated and private settings.