Value-Based Reimbursement Advisor, May 16, 2017
May 16, 2017 Volume III, No. 10
Sponsored by: Assessing Social Determinants of Health: Collecting and Responding to Data in the Primary Care Setting

AllianceChicago is a collaboration of four federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and a developer of the social determinants of health (SDOH) assessment tool PRAPARE (Protocol for Responding to and Assessing Patient Assets, Risks and Experiences). For the past 18 months, AllianceChicago has worked with 38 FQHCs to deploy the PRAPARE tool consistent with each center's patient population, staff resources and in-house and community support services. During Assessing Social Determinants of Health: Collecting and Responding to Data in the Primary Care Setting, a June 1, 2017 webinar, Andrew Hamilton, RN, BSN, MS, chief informatics officer/deputy director, AllianceChicago, will share the key learnings from AllianceChicago's SDOH work. Click here to register or obtain more information.

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  1. Capital BlueCross Value-Based Partnerships Improve Healthcare Quality, Outperform Fee-for-Service Peers

  2. High-Performing Medical Groups Embrace New Technology, Value-Based Care, and Patient Experience

  3. 2017 Healthcare Benchmarks: Chronic Care Management

  4. New Chart: What Are the Leading Risk Factors To Identify Patients for Medication Management?

  5. Partners ACO Care Management Program Reduced Healthcare Costs

  6. Does Healthcare Quality and Technology Drive Medicare Reimbursement?

  7. Health Analytics in Accountable Care: Leveraging Data to Transform ACO Performance and Results

  8. Care Coordination in 2016: Though Oversight of Complex Comorbid Spans Continuum, Reimbursement Remains Uneven

  9. CMS Quality Payment Program: Clinicians Should Expect MIPS Participation Status Letter This Month

  10. Amgen, Harvard Pilgrim Sign First Outcomes-Based Refund Contract

  11. Infographic: Payor-Provider Partnership Trends

  12. Premier Inc. Survey: Pharmaceutical Costs Remain Major Concern for Healthcare Leaders

  13. Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2017: Performance Expectations for the Healthcare Industry

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Connected Care Management: Do Mathematical Risk Predictors Trump Provider Intuition?

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