Employers, health plans and providers have traditionally turned to health fairs to deliver health and wellness education and screening services to large numbers of consumers in a convenient “one-stop shopping” format. However, with some strategic planning and support from the C-suite, companies can redefine health fairs to also rejuvenate their bottom lines and effect positive lifestyle changes among participants.

The Health Fair Handbook: Executing Events That Draw a Crowd, Engage Participants and Deliver ROI is designed to help organizations plan and launch health fairs that attract attendees and deliver value to their hosts. This 33-page special report, based on a 2006 audio conference, explains how the proper organization, timing and incentives can turn a health fair into an opportunity to educate and engage attendees while collecting valuable data companies can use to fine-tune benefit and wellness offerings.

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In this special report, Paul Harris, senior healthcare consultant with Hewitt Associates, Larry Hicks, senior consultant with the Hay Group, and Heidi Laubach, consultant with AON Consulting, detail how to plan a dynamic health fair that attracts targeted populations and moves participants along the wellness continuum.

In addition, this special report suggests themes, incentives and promotions that can boost attendance and engagement.

You'll get details on:

  • Creating a more dynamic health fair;
  • Expanding the health fair’s horizon;
  • Using incentives for health fair participation;
  • Measuring the impact;
  • Identifying the key players;
  • Developing themes that work;
  • Attracting the high-cost claimant;
  • Avoiding a recipe for failure;
  • Anticipating health fair attendance; and
  • Planning tips to address multiple sites.

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