Disease Management Digest, September 19, 2013
September 19, 2013  Volume X, Issue 7
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Marcus Evans Health Care Executives SummitThe National Healthcare CXO event is an invitation-only event held for approximately 90 attendees and is closed to the public. Delegates include CEOs, CAOs and COOs. The topics include: thoughts on the transformation of our healthcare system, cultivating a healthy hospital-physician relationship, quality measurement, techniques and redesigning the care process for improved results, patient satisfaction and experience programs to boost engagement and communication, and reducing costs by investing in outpatient care.

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  1. Childhood Obesity May Quadruple High Blood Pressure Risk in Adulthood

  2. EHR Use in Clinical Settings Decreased ER Visits, Hospitalizations for Diabetics

  3. New Chart: Top 5 Care Coordinators for Dually Eligible

  4. Hospital Study Connects Dementia, Delirium and Declining Health

  5. Fewer Cases of Antibiotic-Resistant MRSA Infection in the United States in 2011

  6. Q&A: What Social and Behavioral Techniques are Relevant in Incentives Use?

  7. Brachytherapy to Treat Cervical Cancer Declines in United States, Treatment Linked to Higher Survival

  8. HealthSounds Podcast: Health Coaching’s Value in Accountable Care and Medical Homes

  9. People Who Get Occasional Migraines More Likely to Be Obese

  10. HINfographic on Medication Adherence: Getting America to Take Its Medicine

  11. Drug Treatment Means Better, Less Costly Care for Children with Sickle Cell Disease

  12. Power of Extrinsic Incentives Sometimes Elusive

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