Healthcare Business Weekly Update, July 1, 2019
July 1, 2019  Vol. XI, No. 4
Free Download: Health Coaching in 2018: Facilitating Health Behavior Change with Increasing Reliance on Digital Health Technologies

In the face of rising healthcare costs and increasing accountability for population health and quality outcomes, a growing number of healthcare organizations are recruiting health coaches to facilitate actionable, sustainable health behavior change in rising and high-risk populations, across a continuum of delivery platforms. The percentage of healthcare organizations with a health coaching program increased from 70 percent in 2016 to 81 percent in 2018, according to the latest Health Coaching Survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN). Chronic care management, weight management/physical activity and tobacco use are the leading health conditions targeted by health coaching initiatives. A growing number of healthcare organizations are also targeting social determinants of health as part of their health coaching program.

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  1. Hospitals Express Concerns on Latest Transparency Order by Trump Administration

  2. Efforts to Improve Healthcare Value Should Focus on Doing the Right Thing

  3. Care Coordination: Benchmarks and Metrics

  4. Study Examines Changes in Health Equity in U.S. Over 25 Years

  5. Reducing Unnecessary Imaging for Cancer Patients in Half

  6. Infographic: How Much Denied Claims Are Costing Providers

  7. Profiting from Population Health Revenue in an ACO: Framework for Medicare Shared Savings and MIPS Success

  8. New Chart: Which Patient Populations Are the Leading Targets for Telehealth Programs?

  9. Remote Monitoring of High-Risk Patients: Telehealth Protocols for Chronic Care Management

  10. Patients See Multiple Clinicians on One Visit, Thanks to New Scheduling Protocol

  11. Proactive Care Management in a Top-Performing ACO: Closing Quality and Care Gaps in High-Risk, High-Utilization Populations

  12. CMS Commits $50 Million to Assist States with Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery

  13. How a Data Dive Makes a Difference in ACO Care Coordination Efficiency

  14. Study Shows EHR Data Limited in Publicly Reported Post-CABG Mortality and Readmission Outcomes

  15. Reducing Avoidable Healthcare Utilization in 2019: Re-Directing Non-Emergent Care To Appropriate Care Settings

  16. Assessing Social Determinants of Health: Screening Tools, Triage and Workflows to Link High-Risk Patients to Community Services

  17. Restrictions on Electronic Medical Records Show Little Benefit

  18. National Quality Forum Provides Key Recommendations to Improve Quality in Emergency Care

  19. Opioids Study Shows High-risk Counties Across the Country, Suggests Local Solutions to Epidemic

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