Healthcare Business Weekly Update, June 22, 2020
June 22, 2020  Vol. XII, No. 3
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Healthcare is expected to be a top priority for many U.S. voters during the 2020 presidential election. Healthcare executives are charged with evaluating and re-shaping their 2020 strategic plans to address possible changes on the federal level. Healthcare executives are almost evenly split on the potential impact of the 2020 presidential election, with 24 percent of respondents expecting the election to have a negative effect and 22 percent expecting a positive effect, according to the Healthcare Industry Trends in 2020 by the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN). Some 54 percent reported they would expect a neutral impact from the election on the industry.

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  1. Humana's Population Health Bold Gold Program Improved Mental and Physical Health Among its Population

  2. Stroke Survival Rates Worse in Rural Areas

  3. Social Determinants and Population Health: Redesigning Care Management to Bridge Clinical and Non-Medical Services

  4. Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic Through Testing

  5. Metropolitan Size Matters More Than Density in the Spread of COVID-19 Pandemic

  6. Infographic: A Framework to Align Social Determinants of Health, Social Risk Factors and Social Needs Terminology

  7. Framework for Patient Engagement: 6 Stages to Success in a Value-Based Health System

  8. New Chart: What Are the Leading Methods To Identify/Risk Stratify Patients for Engagement Initiatives?

  9. Proactive Care Management in a Top-Performing ACO: Closing Quality and Care Gaps in High-Risk, High-Utilization Populations

  10. COVID-19 Hospitalizations Could Mean Significant Out-of-Pocket Medical Costs for Many Americans

  11. Healthcare Trends & Forecasts in 2020: Performance Expectations for the Healthcare Industry

  12. Homeless Patients Are More Likely to be Readmitted to a Hospital Within 30 Days of Discharge

  13. Information Recorded Over Time in Medical Records Tells More About Diseases

  14. Sedentary Behavior Independently Predicts Cancer Mortality

  15. Care Coordination in 2019: Telephonic Interventions Drive Improvements in Clinical Outcomes and Care Quality

  16. 3 Embedded Care Coordination Models to Manage Diverse High-Risk, High-Cost Patients Across the Continuum

  17. Predicting Side Effects: Open-source Machine Learning Tool Connects Drug Targets with Adverse Reactions

  18. COVID-19 Toll in Nursing Homes Linked to Staffing Levels and Quality

  19. COVID-19 Collaboration Reducing Infections in Long-Term Care Facilities

  20. Healthcare Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing Supports Improved Transparency

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