May 24, 2021  Vol. XII, No. 49
Free Download: Accountable Care Organizations in 2020: Medicare Shared Savings Program ROI Trending Upward

The accountable care organization (ACO) has become the cornerstone of healthcare delivery system and payment reform as the industry moves toward an increased number of value-based reimbursement and care delivery models. As ACO growth maturity continues, the industry is continuing to evaluate their impact on outcomes, cost and quality of care. Over 80 percent of healthcare organizations are now reporting they are part of an ACO, up from 71 percent in 2017 and 34 percent in 2013, according to respondents to the 2020 Accountable Care Organizations Survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network.

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  1. Mega Trends Transforming Healthcare in the United States Through 2030

  2. Routine Testing Before Surgery Remains Common Despite Low Value

  3. Profiting from Population Health Revenue in an ACO: Framework for Medicare Shared Savings and MIPS Success

  4. Joint Medicaid-Medicare Coverage of Lifesaving Medications for the Hepatitis C Virus Would Save $1 Billion over 25 Years

  5. Leveraging Pharmacists to Reduce Cost and Improve Medication Adherence in High-Risk Populations

  6. Medicare Negotiation Could Save Businesses $195 Billion and Workers Another $98 Billion

  7. A Collaborative Blueprint for Reducing SNF Readmissions: Driving Results with Quality Reporting and Performance Metrics

  8. Radiologist Participation in Value-based Care Tripled Over 5 Years

  9. Developing a Real-time Algorithm To Lower Hospital Readmission Rates

  10. Patient Engagement: Positive Payoffs from Patients Activated in Their Healthcare

  11. 9 Protocols to Promote Patient Engagement in High-Risk, High-Cost Populations

  12. Humana's 2021 Bold Goal Progress: Medicare Advantage Members Maintained Their Overall Health Throughout Pandemic

  13. UnitedHealthcare Introduces Community-Based Collaborative to Improve Health Outcomes and Equity

  14. Higher Childbirth Complication Rates for Black and Hispanic Women Regardless of Age

  15. Total Deaths Due to COVID-19 Underestimated by 20% in US Counties

  16. CMS Data Shows Vulnerable Americans Forgoing Mental Health Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

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