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Healthcare White Papers, Webcasts and Case Studies

Below please find a list of healthcare industry white papers or search the Healthcare Industry Pipeline for all white papers, case studies and webinars to meet your needs. Click on the title of the white paper to complete your online registration and receive a copy of the white paper via email. Terms andConditions |Texis & Texis Webscript Copyright © 2004Thunderstone

3 Keys to Successful Data Integration: Jan. 2001

7 Keys to Maximizing Value from SAP Applications: July 2003

25 Ways Healthcare Economizes on Energy Costs: Sept. 2008

2012 Benchmarks in Diabetes Management: January 2012

2012 Benchmarks in Reducing Avoidable ER Visits: January 2012

2012 Trends in Embedded Case Management: Putting a Face on Care Coordination: June 2012

2011 Benchmarks in Accountable Care Organizations: February 2011

2011 Benchmarks in Health & Wellness Incentives: March 2011

2011 Benchmarks in Healthcare Case Management: January 2011

2011 Benchmarks in Improving Medication Adherence: November 2011

2011 Benchmarks in Improving Patient Satisfaction and Experience: May 2011

2011 Benchmarks in the Patient-Centered Medical Home: April 2011

2011 Benchmarks in Registry Use for Quality Improvement: August 2011

2010 Benchmarks in Health & Wellness Incentives Use: February 2010

2010 Benchmarks in Health Risk Assessment Use: Bridges to Wellness & Health Improvement: July 2010

2010 Benchmarks in Managing Care Transitions Across Sites: May 2010

2010 Benchmarks in Medication Adherence - Programs, Challenges & Results: March 2010

2010 Benchmarks in Obesity and Weight Management: June 2010

2010 Benchmarks in Reducing Avoidable ER Visits: August 2010

2010 Benchmarks in Reducing Hospital Readmissions: December 2010

2010 Benchmarks in Tobacco Cessation: November 2010

2010 Telehealth Benchmarks: November 2010

2009 Telehealth Benchmarks: Wired for Access and Efficiency: Oct. 2009

Accountable Care Organizations in 2012: June 2012

Accountable Care Organizations in 2013: ACO Leadership Shifts to Physician-Hospital Organizations: September 2013

Achieving HIPAA Compliance with Enterprise Single Sign-On: March 2008

Achieving the ultimate state of fitness for healthcare organizations where business and IT are perfectly synchronized: Sept. 2003

Addressing HIPAA Compliance Issues: May 2002

Advancing Healthcare through the Application of Predictive Knowledge Management: Sept. 2004

All Patients Are Not Created Equal: How Patient Mix Can Drive Payor Mix: 2006

Anticipatory Care Management: Medication Adherence Interventions: August 2008

Architecture: Multi-tier Technology

The Art and Science of Health Incentives: 2007

Asthma Management in 2012: Action Plans, Coaching Help Patients To Breathe Easier: August 2012

Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins of Outsourcing Relationships: 2005

Baby Boomers’ Impact on Healthcare: High Demands, Expectations Met with a Healthy Dose of Prevention: Sept. 2006

Bellin Health: Living Quality Improvement Every Day: April 2008

Benchmarks in Patient Education and Outreach: Oct. 2009

Benefit-based Co-pays: Paying Less For a Prescription When You Need It More: Oct. 2005

Best Practices: Wireless LAN Design, Implementation and Management: Sept. 2003

Blueprint for a nationwide master person index: 2003

Can Incentives Help Turn the Corner in Healthcare Reimbursement?: 2003

Care Transitions Across Sites: Closing Gaps in Healthcare Settings: June 2009

Care Transitions in 2013: Interventions Surge in Response to Payor Scrutiny; Home-Grown Approaches Trump Traditional Models: May 2013

Caregiver Education and Support Programs Provide Positive Impact: Nov. 2007

Case Management in 2012: Half of Case Managers Embedded in Care Sites: March 2012

Case Management in 2013: Achieving Results with Cardiovascular Disease; Long-Term Care Next Frontier for Embedded Case Managers: June 2013

Cash-handling in the Healthcare Industry – the Unseen Risk

Changing Lives with Lifestyle Management: Taking the Pulse of Population Health Programs: Oct. 2006

Claim Settlement - Making the Transition to Electronic Funds Transfers and Electronic Remittance Advices: 2006

Clinical Case Management: A Common Platform for Managing Health and Productivity

Compliance. Protection. Recovery. A Layered Approach to Computer Security for Healthcare Organizations

Condition-Specific Pain Management: Managing a Major Source of Lost Productivity: Nov. 2007

Constructing a Medical Home - Foundation in Education Needed: December 2006

Consumer-Defined Healthcare: Are You Ready To Seize the Opportunities?: 2005

Consumer-Driven Health Plans: Successful Implementations Methodologies Based on the Strategies of Early Adopters: Dec. 2003

Context...Focus...Action: Converting Information Seekers Into Action Takers

Cost Justification/Return on Investment: 2000

Cracks in the data foundation

Cultural Competency in Healthcare: Health Plans and Providers Strive to Speak the Same Language

Cultural Diversity in Healthcare Addressing the Challenges of a Multicultural Society: 2005

Dealing with Unnecessary ED Visits: Aug. 2007

The Decision Drivers to Information Technology Outsourcing: May 2003

Decision Support Tools in Benefit-Plan Design and Enrollment: The Compelling Advantages for Enrollees and Plan Sponsors: July 2008

Depression and Disease Management Beyond the Stigma to Identification and Treatment: Sept. 2005

Digital Learning for Healthcare Consumers: Health Plan-Provided Education Is Key To Behavioral Change: Feb. 2004

Disaster Healthcare Core Competencies Review & Crosswalk: May 2008

Disease Management: Definition, Benchmarks, Metrics: 2003

Dual Eligibles Care Management in 2013: Case Management, Education Boost Compliance, Satisfaction: August 2013

e-learning for Healthcare Organizations: 2003

The Economic Impact of Digital Lockbox Technology on Medical Practices: Jan. 2005

Educating Consumers on Consumer-Driven Healthcare: July 2006

Effective Care Management: Jan. 2005

Embedded Case Managers: Co-Location Catching On Across Healthcare Continuum: August 2011

Employer-Sponsored Weight Management Programs — The Business Case: 2007

Enabling voice over Wireless IP for healthcare applications: 2003

Encouraging Independence: Promoting Consumer-Driven Health Plans and Decision Support Tools in the Workplace: July 2008

Enterprise of the Future: Life Sciences Edition: August 2008

Evidence-based Medicine and Managed Care: Applications, Challenges, Opportunities: Dec. 2003

Five Common VPN Security Mistakes: 2007

Five Costly Mistakes Employers Make With Employee Health Benefits (And How to Fix Them): September 2008

Fixing What Hurts: What's Working in Pain Management June 2008

The Guardrails® Safety Software-An Innovative Safety Solution to Address Infusion Medication Errors: 2003

Handheld Healthcare: Mobile Medical Technology

Health Coaching in 2013: Weight, Chronic Disease Top Targets in Telephonic Field: January 2013

Health Coaching in 2010: Telephone Still Top Coaching Delivery Method

Health Coaching in 2009: Banking on Behavior Change

Health & Wellness Coaching in 2008

Health & Wellness Incentives in 2012: Rewarding Risk Assessment, Lifestyle Changes: September 2012

Health Information Technology and the Electronic Health Record: Implications for Healthcare Organizations: 2004

Health Plan Identifies More Than $1 Million in Potential Savings with CareEnhance Patterns Profiler: 2004

Health Literacy Learning the Language of Healthcare in America: 2005

Health Risk Assessments: First Line of Defense in Population Health Management: Dec. 2005

Health Risk Assessments in 2013: Population Health Tool Probes for Medical Conditions, Lifestyle Risk Factors: November 2013

Healthcare Consumerism: The New Wave of Healthcare? January 2008

Benchmarks in Healthcare Case Management: Feb. 2010

Healthcare Makes History: Assessing Impact of Landmark Reform Laws

Healthcare Remedies for an Ailing Economy: December 2008

Healthcare Organizations React to MRSA Outbreak: February 2008

Healthcare e-Marketing: How Healthcare Organizations Tap the Power of the Internet to Boost Business: April 2006

Healthcare Industry Overview: Recent Trends and Their Impact on Cost and Quality of Care

Healthcare Industry Response to the Uninsured: Organizations Take Steps to Counter Financial Impact

Healthcare IT: Many Wired for Automated Claims Management: March 2007

Healthcare Report Cards: Hospitals, Health Plans and Consumers Grade the Effort: March 2006

Healthcare Toolkits: Ratcheting Up Awareness, Hammering Home Change: Oct. 2007

Healthcare Trends in 2009: Economy Threat to Care Delivery: Dec. 2008

Healthcare Trends for 2010: Reform, Revenue & Resources Top of Mind: Dec. 2009

Healthcare Trends for 2011: Outlook Brighter Despite Reform Hurdles: Dec. 2010

Healthcare Trends for 2012: Optimistic Industry Puts Money on Medical Home Model: Dec. 2011

Healthcare Trends in 2013: Industry Shows More Faith in Healthcare Reform: December 2012

Healthcare Trends in 2014: Putting Money on Population Health, Care Coordination and Integrated Care Delivery: December 2013

Healthcare Trends in Mid-2009: A Six-Month Adjustment

Healthcare Transparency: Cost and Quality Report Cards: July 2007

Healthcare’s Top Business Issues and Responses for 2005: 2004

Healthcare Trends in 2006: Learning from the Past, Looking Ahead: Jan. 2006

Healthcare Trends in 2007: Hoping to Build on 2006 Growth: Oct. 2006

Healthcare Trends in 2008: Focus on Funding, Partnerships: Dec. 2007

HIPAA and its Impact on IT Organizations: Dec. 2003

HIPAA Awareness and Business Implications For Health - Managed Care Vendors And Their Staffs: 2002

HIPAA Compliance and Wireless Networks: Jan. 2004

HIPAA Implementation: The Case for a Rational Roll-Out Plan: July 2004

HIPAA Security FAQs

HIPAA’s Final Security Rule

Hispanic Internet Use for Health Information A Literature Review and Data Analysis: Sept. 2003

Home Visits in 2013: House Calls Foster Medication Adherence, Patient Satisfaction: September 2013

Hospitalists in Community Hospitals: 2006

How Medical Net Systems EncounterSuite Creates the Framework for the Patient-Centered Medical Home: August 2008

How Technology Helps Healthcare Payers: Aug. 2002

How the New PQRI Will Affect Emergency Department Provider Documentation: June 2008

How to Implement Endpoint Security for Remote Users and VPNs: April 2005

HP OpenVMSStill exceeding expectations

The ICD-10 Compliance Challenge: Automating Trading Partner and Affiliate Readiness

Impact of Instant Communication on Hospital Workflow: Feb. 2004

The Impact of the National Provider Identifier (NPI) on Healthcare Claim Settlement Processes: 2006

The Impact of Retail Clinics: June 2007

The Importance of Remote Access in Disaster Recovery Planning: Aug. 2006

Improving Intravenous (IV) Medication Safety at the Point of Care: Retrospective Analysis of Pooled Data Using an Innovative IV Harm Assessment Index: June 2003

Improving Patient Care with Identity and Access Management

The Increasing Use of Information Systems in Healthcare Industry: 2003

An Integrated Care Program For Chronically-Ill and High-Cost Patients Aims For Better Health Outcomes Through Disease Management and Case Management Services

Integrating Diagnostic Testing with Electronic Medical Records: 2003

Integrating patient medical records in pursuit of the EMR: 2004

Integration Engine & Portal Deployment: 2004

Interactive Patient Care: The Missing Link In Consumer Directed Healthcare: Nov. 2006

Lifestyle Incentives Rewards Programs Encourage Healthy Lifestyles: 2005

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Regulations: Implications and Guidance for U.S. Hospitals Serving Minority Populations

Making Contact: How Healthcare Organizations Locate and Communicate with Hard-to-Reach Clients: Oct. 2007

Managing Digital Mammography...Using a Hardcopy Printer With Full Field Digital Mammography

Measuring Population Health Risks Using Inpatient Diagnoses and Outpatient Pharmacy Data: Dec. 2001

The Medical Home Disruptive Innovation for a New Primary Care Model: May 2008

Medical Homes: Awareness and Early Successes March 2008

Medical Home Models: Improving Care & Reducing Costs in Healthcare: May 2009

Medical Homes in 2010: Awareness, Adoption, Tools and Outcomes: April 2010

Medical Record Numbers Errors: April 2001

Medical Justice Through Alternative Dispute Resolution: 2004

Medical Tourism: Implications for Participants in the US Health Care System

Medicare Part D Regulations Outlook Generally Positive Across Healthcare Industry: 2005

Medication Adherence in 2013: Closer Look at Compliance During Care Transitions: February 2013

Mobile Devices: Clinical Mobility = Better Care

Mobile Health in 2013: Diabetes, Heart Disease Top Targets for Technologies: March 2013

The Moment of Force: Four New Ways to Favorably Leverage Healthcare Costs: September 2008

Network Downtime, the Configuration Errors: 2007

A New Model for Healthcare Transformation: 2007

The New Threat: Attackers That Target Healthcare Organizations (And what you can do about it): 2006

The Next Generation of Remote Access: Three Case Studies: Aug. 2006

Non-Compliant No More: Health Coaching Moves Focus Upstream to Health Behavior, Motivation and Readiness to Change: Dec. 2007

Obesity & Weight Management: Weighing in on the Growing Epidemic: Oct. 2008

Offering Incentives for Health & Wellness Programs: March 2009

The Open Enrollment Experience: Perspectives from Health Plans and Consumers: Feb. 2006

Online Healthcare: Benchmarks for Assessing Effectiveness, Trust, Outcomes and Perceptions of Cost: Sep. 2007

Palliative Care in 2014: Timely Referrals Key Challenge for Care Providers: February 2014

Patient Flow Logistics and Tracking Software Solving Patient Throughput and Capacity Challenges: Aug. 2008

Patient Registries: The Track to Better Quality Healthcare: July 2008

Pay for Performance: Improving Quality and Efficiency of Healthcare Delivery

Pay for Performance in 2007: Promising Model Faces Challenges: Sept. 2007

Pay for Performance Incentive Programs in Healthcare: Market Dynamics and Business Process: 2003

PCMHs in 2012: Patient Satisfaction Rises with PCMH Adoption: May 2012

Personal Health Records for Healthcare Consumers: May 2008

Population Health Management in 2012: Case Managers, Health Coaches Support Shifting Focus: November 2012

Portal Solutions: A Critical Information Centerpiece

Predictive Modeling Technology in Healthcare: The Needs-Awareness Gap Among Healthcare Payers: 2003

Preparedness and the Force of Law: Plans for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations: May 2008

Prescription for Primary Care: Initiatives for Change: Nov. 2006

Preventing Hospital Readmissions: Feb. 2007

Benchmarks in Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Programs: Feb. 2009

Reaction: Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of HMOs In Patient Lawsuits At State Level: 2004

Reduce preventable medical errors: 2004

Reducing Hospital Readmissions: December 2009

Reducing Readmissions in 2014: Post-Acute Partnerships Foster Collaboration Across Continuum: January 2014

Reducing Readmissions in 2012: Home Visits Double for the Recently Discharged: April 2012

Remote Access for Healthcare/HIPAA: 2003

Revolutionizing Health Claims Processing with Enterprise Content Management: May 2004

ROI for Medical Billing: August 2008

ROI Study for Palm Healthcare Solutions: Mobile Charge Capture: July 2003

Role Based Access Governance and HIPAA Compliance: A Pragmatic Approach: December 2009

The Role of Physician Extenders: May 2007

Securing Networked Storage: 2004

Security/HIPAA: Secure Data = Safe Patients

Simplicity and Enterprise Search: A New Model for Managing Your Enterprise Information: 2003

Six Characteristics of an Effective Remote Access Solution: Sept. 2005

Solutions for Secure Document Sending and Printing: July 2003

Solving Strategic Health Insurance Business Problems with FileNet Enterprise Content Management: Oct. 2003

The Strategic Imperative of Adapting the Hospital's Management Structure: 2006

A Survey of 802.11a Wireless Security Threats and Security Mechanisms

Targeting Depression Through Disease Management: Dec. 2008

Telehealth in 2013: Videoconferencing, Virtual Visits and Smartphones Power Population Health Management: July 2013

Telephone Connectivity Supports Medical Home Model and Removes Barriers to Care

Total Cost of Ownership for Entry-Level and Mid-Range Clusters: Feb. 2004

Treating Emergency Room Overcrowding: An Emergency in Urgent Care: Feb. 2009

Uninsured & Underinsured: Taking a Toll on the Healthcare Industry: July 2009

The Value of Clinical Transformation: 2005

The Value Propositions of OpusClinDoc, Clinical Documentation Solution

Top 12 Things You Need to Know about Electronic Protected Health Information . . .Before it’s Too Late: 2003

Truth or Consequences: Selecting Health Risk Appraisals: September 2008

URAC Health Web Site Accreditation TamesInternet's Wild, Wild West: 2005

URAC’s Consumer Education and Support Standards Set Stage for New Consumer-Centric Market: 2005

Use of Predictive Modeling in Healthplans: 2003

Using Thin Client Technology to Achieve and Enhance HIPAA Compliance: Dec. 2006

Virtual Partnership: Health Coaching Goes High Tech: 2004

VPN Client or Browser-based SSL VPN: Getting the best of both worlds: Aug. 2005

What Can Your Physicians Do to Help Manage Costs?

Waging War on Cost of Chronic Disease: 2005

Wellness and Health Promotion: Programs and Promotions Used by Health Plans and Employers: July 2006

Which Castelle Network Fax Server Is Best For You?: 2004

Wi-Fi, Health Care, and HIPAA WLAN Management in the Modern Hospital: 2004

Winning HSA Customers Online: Customer Experience Benchmarks And Best Practices: Sep. 2007

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