Population Health Management: Reducing Risk and Spend Across the Care Continuum

Healthcare's value-based purchasing increasingly favors a population-centric approach to health management, identifying risk across the care continuum. To control costs, healthcare organizations and employers are turning to population health management, defined as the management of integration and outcome measurements of any program affecting the health and productivity of a specific population or group.

This infographic from the Healthcare Intelligence Network outlines key analytics, barriers, tools and workflows to ensure successful management of specific populations.

Population Health Management: Reducing Risk and Spend Across the Care Continuum
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Cynthia Kilroy

Listen to Cynthia Kilroy, senior vice president of provider strategy and business development at Optum, suggests a four-step systematic approach for data dissemination that moves companies away from simply...

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More information on this topic can be found in: 2012 Healthcare Benchmarks: Population Health Management. This 50-page report delivers an in-depth analysis of PHM trends, including prevalence of PHM initiatives, program components, professionals on the PHM team, incentives, challenges and ROI.