Medical Home Adoption: Paving the Road to Patient Satisfaction

According to HIN's sixth annual survey on the patient-centered medical home (PCMH), the continuous coordinated patient care at the heart of this model of care has been shown to lower costs while improving healthcare outcomes. The rise in medical home starts over the last six years can also be linked to a steady climb in patient satisfaction.

The infographic provides metrics and measures reported by survey respondents, comparing some with those recorded six years ago, detailing the evolution of the medical home.

Medical Home Adoption: Paving the Road to Patient Satisfaction
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Medical Home Neighborhoods: Uplinking Specialists To Create Integrated Systems of Care

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Terry McGeeney

Listen to Terry McGeeney, MD, MBA, director of BDC Advisors, suggests communication and technology tools in place in large physician multispecialty groups make them ideal candidates for a medical neighborhood...

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2014 Healthcare Benchmarks: The Patient-Centered Medical Home, a 40-page resource now in its seventh year, is designed to meet business and planning needs of physician practices, clinics, health plans, managed care organizations, hospitals and others by providing critical benchmarks in medical home implementation and results.