The 4 Ws of Home Visits

Visiting medically complex patients at home can shed light on health-related issues that might go undetected during an office visit, reducing the likelihood of unplanned admissions or emergency department visits by these patients.

This HINfographic on home visits provides actionable data detailing who conducts the home visits, what happens during the visit, when the visits occur, why they are important and more.

The 4 Ws of Home Visits
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New Horizons in Healthcare Home Visits

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Samantha Valcourt

Listen to Samantha Valcourt, MS, RN, CNS, Stanford’s clinical nurse specialistsuggests ways to prioritize home visits for a roster of high-risk patients...

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For additional data and benchmarks on home visits and care transitions, purchase 2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Care Transitions Management or Home Visit Handbook: Structure, Assessments and Protocols for Medically Complex Patients.