How an Integrated SNF Network Supports Accountable Care

In the future, SNF readmission rates could be subject to penalties similar to those CMS has put in place for hospitals, such as when SNF readmissions to a hospital occur for certain conditions, within a particular timeframe. To avoid this, many hospitals and health systems are collaborating with SNF providers to improve care and reduce unplanned 30-day readmissions.

This infographic describes how an integrated SNF network supports accountable care.

How an Integrated SNF Network Supports Accountable Care
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Dr. Greg Mertz

Listen to Dr. Greg Mertz, managing director of Physician Strategies Group, LLC, discusses why the Congressional proposal “Better Care, Lower Cost Act” of 2014 is financially more attractive to providers than ACO...

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If you would like to learn more about accountable care strategies for care transitions, this resource includes a detailed case study from Summa Health System, and industry thought leaders advise hospitals to monitor what goes on across its care continuum and to partner with facilities it discharges to most often to reduce 30-day readmissions.