9 Measures of ACO Success

What is the mark of a successful accountable care organization (ACO)? For healthcare organizations, clinical outcomes topped the list of ACO success metrics.

This HINfographic depicts nine key ACO metrics identified by 138 healthcare companies. Also among the top three measures was patient satisfaction and health utilization.

9 Measures of ACO Success
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Dr. Greg Mertz

Listen to Dr. Greg Mertz, managing director of Physician Strategies Group, LLC, discusses why the Congressional proposal “Better Care, Lower Cost Act” of 2014 is financially more attractive to providers than ACO...

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More information on this topic can be found in Guide to Accountable Care Organizations. While the infographic provides an abundance of accountable care data, this exclusive resource goes even further. This 160-page report delivers a comprehensive set of 2012 ACO benchmarks from 200 companies, a framework for clinical integration, a key ACO prerequisite that puts participating providers on the same performance and payment page, and much more.