12 Questions to Measure Population Health Management

If a population health management (PHM) program can't demonstrate its value, funding could suffer, explains Patricia Curran, principal in Buck Consultants' National Clinic Practice.

Build a business case for continued investment in PHM by monitoring and measuring four key dimensions — attitudes, engagement, outcomes and performance — using the sample questions and measures in this infographic from the Healthcare Intelligence Network.

12 Questions to Measure Population Health Management
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Cynthia Kilroy

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More information on this topic can be found in: Profiting from Population Health Management: Applying Analytics in Accountable Care. While the infographic provides actionable data to measure PHM, this exclusive resource goes even further. This 43-page special report provides both a primer in PHM, identifying the challenges and opportunities of a robust population health management program, and an advanced case study in the use of analytics in PHM.