Healthcare Business Weekly Update, September 17, 2018
September 17, 2018  Vol. X, No. 19
Download Available: Social Determinants of Health: Using Empathy Interviewing To Help Care Teams Understand Factors Impacting Patient Health

If healthcare hopes to move the needle on runaway expenses and improve the health of its communities, it must first focus on patients' social and environmental circumstances, also known as social determinants of health (SDOH). That's the advice of Cindy Buckels, director of population health for TAV Health, which helps healthcare organizations navigate the challenges of SDOHs.

"When we don't address these issues as we're addressing someone's health, we get high readmissions, negative outcomes and dissatisfaction. There's also increased cost and increased risk," noted Ms. Buckels during Social Determinants of Health: Using Empathy Interviewing To Help Care Teams Understand Factors Impacting Patient Health, a webinar now available for rebroadcast.

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  1. Independent Study Shows ACOs Saved Medicare $1.84 Billion in 2013-2015

  2. Overall Well-Being of a Population Associated with Less Per Capita Medicare Spending

  3. Population Health Benchmarks and Metrics

  4. Flu Vaccination Rates in Clinics Drop as Day Progresses, but Computerized Nudges Help Give Them a Boost

  5. Population Health Tactics to Boost an ACO's Medicare Annual Wellness Visit Rates

  6. Low Consumer "Literacy" of Healthcare System Estimated to Cost $4.8B Annually, Accenture Report Finds

  7. Assessing Social Determinants of Health: Screening Tools, Triage and Workflows to Link High-Risk Patients to Community Services

  8. New Chart: Which Health Conditions Are the Most Challenging for Patient Engagement?

  9. 9 Protocols to Promote Patient Engagement in High-Risk, High-Cost Populations

  10. Hurricane Warning: Survey Reveals Healthcare Organizations Doubt Their Disaster Plans are Up to the Task

  11. Telephonic and Community-Based Care Coordination Model: An Early Engagement Approach for Medicaid Managed Care

  12. Hospitals Taking on More Accountability and Expanding into Non-Acute Care Settings While Looking for Suppliers with Broader Solutions

  13. PinnacleHealth's Patient Engagement Coach for Clinicians: Supportive Peer at Provider's Elbow

  14. Heart Disease and Stroke Deaths Hitting Middle Age Adults in Large Numbers

  15. Accountable Care Organization Trends: ACO Adoption Doubles in Four Years As Shared Savings Gain Favor

  16. A New Vision for Remote Patient Monitoring: Creating Sustainable Financial, Operational and Clinical Outcomes

  17. Benefits and Challenges of Medicare Advantage Payment Adjustments Based on Beneficiaries' Ability to Perform Daily Tasks

  18. Cigna To Fund Transformative Innovation in Analytics, Digital Health and Care Management

  19. Safe & Affordable Housing: Social Determinants of Health

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