Healthcare Business Weekly Update, October 15, 2018
October 15, 2018  Vol. X, No. 23
HINnovation Profile: Social Determinants of Health Screenings Leverage Learnings from Existing Pilots

Montefiore Health System's two-tiered assessment screening program to measure social determinants of health (SDOH) positivity in its predominantly high-risk, government-insured population is inspired by existing initiatives within its own organization.

Download this HINnovation profile to learn more about Montefiore's SDOH screening rollout.

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Reducing Avoidable Healthcare Utilization
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  1. What Drove Physician Practices to Join Early Medicare ACOs?

  2. Patient Characteristics Predict Future High-Cost Patients

  3. Stratifying High-Risk, High-Cost Patients: Benchmarks, Predictive Algorithms and Data Analytics

  4. Elderly Housing with Supportive Social Services Can Reduce Hospital Use

  5. HINfographic: Community Health Partnerships: Alliances Seek to Bolster Housing, Care Access

  6. Five Strategic Elements of Care Delivery Optimization

  7. Centralized Care Management to Reduce Readmissions and Avoidable ED Visits in High-Risk Populations

  8. New Chart: What Are the Leading Clinical Purposes of Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Programs?

  9. Remote Patient Monitoring for Chronic Condition Management: Leveraging Technology in a Value-Based System

  10. Primary Care Strategies to Improve Health of Chronic Disease Patients

  11. Medicare Chronic Care Management Billing: Evidence-Based Workflows to Maximize CCM Revenue

  12. Researchers Look Beyond BMI To Predict Obesity-Related Disease Risk

  13. Connected Care Management: Do Mathematical Risk Predictors Trump Provider Intuition?

  14. Day of Discharge Does Not Influence Heart Surgery Patient Readmissions

  15. Post-Acute Care in 2018: Value-Based Reimbursement Models Drive Post-Acute Care Collaboratives and Preferred Networks

  16. Post-Discharge Home Visits: 5 Pillars to Reduce Readmissions and Engage High-Risk Patients

  17. Disparities in Life Threatening Birth Experiences

  18. Abundance of Electronic Health Information Requires Organizing System to Make Best Use of Data

  19. Penn Medicine Launches Initiative to Transform Electronic Health Record Systems

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