June 7, 2021  Vol. XII, No. 50
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The perennial challenge for healthcare organizations as they continue to develop and refine programs aimed at improving healthcare quality while reducing costs is engaging patients in these initiatives. Actively engaged patients have been shown to have lower costs and improved outcomes. The percentage of healthcare organizations with a formal patient engagement program inched slightly higher between 2017 and 2019 with 75 percent reporting they have a formal program in 2019, compared with 71 percent in 2017, according to the Patient Engagement Survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network.

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  1. HHS Launches First Venture Capital Partnership to Develop Transformative Technologies to Combat Future Pandemics, Other Health Emergencies

  2. Medical Record Data Potential Key to Unlocking Health Equity Barriers

  3. Assessing Social Determinants of Health: Screening Tools, Triage and Workflows to Link High-Risk Patients to Community Services

  4. Statewide Quality Improvement Project Reduced Excessive Radiation Treatments for Bone Metastases by 80%

  5. Proactive Care Management in a Top-Performing ACO: Closing Quality and Care Gaps in High-Risk, High-Utilization Populations

  6. April Hospital Volume, Revenue, and Margin Gains Draw Stark Contrast to Early Pandemic Losses

  7. Profiting from Population Health Revenue in an ACO: Framework for Medicare Shared Savings and MIPS Success

  8. Emergency Care for Heart Attacks and Strokes Rebounds

  9. Smartwatch Data Can Predict Blood Test Results

  10. Reducing Avoidable Healthcare Utilization: Re-Directing Non-Emergent Care To Appropriate Care Settings

  11. Centralized Care Management to Reduce Readmissions and Avoidable ED Visits in High-Risk Populations

  12. COVID-19 Pandemic Has Had Significant Impact on the Mental Health of Adolescents

  13. Study Finds Specialty Behavioral Health Establishments Have Increased, but More Needs To Be Done

  14. COVID-positive People Have More Severe Strokes, Geisinger-led Study Finds

  15. New Intermountain Healthcare Study Shows Using Telehealth for Physical Therapy After Hip Surgery Has Similar High-Quality Outcomes as In-Person Care

  16. Remote Patient Monitoring May Reduce Need To Hospitalize Cancer Patients

  17. Most U.S. Adults May Lack Knowledge About Palliative Care

  18. New Method Predicts Chemotherapy Effectiveness After One Treatment

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