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Healthcare Performance Benchmarks

Download Recent e-Survey Results:

March 2020: Accountable Care Organizations in 2020: Medicare Shared Savings Program ROI Trending Upward

January 2020: Healthcare Trends in 2020: Data Analytics Key To Industry Success

November 2019: Patient Engagement in 2019: Positive Payoffs from Patients Activated in Their Healthcare

August 2019: Social Determinants of Health in 2019: Assistance with Navigating Healthcare Services Rated Most Effective Intervention

June 2019: Care Coordination in 2019: Telephonic Interventions Drive Improvements in Clinical Outcomes and Care Quality

February 2019: Population Health Management in 2018: Investing in Social Health Determinants' Data Collection and Analysis

August 2018: Reducing Avoidable Healthcare Utilization in 2019: Re-Directing Non-Emergent Care To Appropriate Care Settings

June 2018: Post-Acute Care in 2018: Value-Based Reimbursement Models Drive Post-Acute Care Collaboratives and Preferred Networks

April 2018: Health Coaching in 2018: Facilitating Health Behavior Change with Increasing Reliance on Digital Health Technologies

February 2018: Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring in 2018: Virtual Visits Spike, Wearables Wane

January 2018: Healthcare Trends for 2018: Banking on Data Analytics, Population Health Management

November 2017: Community Health Partnerships in 2017: Alliances Aim to Improve Care Access

September 2017: Patient Engagement in 2017: Educate in Face of Social Health Determinants, Health Literacy Hurdles

August 2017: Case Management in 2017: More Care Team Integration; Face-to-Face CM Encounters Edge Out Telephonic

June 2017: Accountable Care Organizations in 2017: ACO Adoption Doubles in Four Years As Shared Savings Gain Favor

April 2017: Chronic Care Management in 2017: Telephonic Outreach Prevails Amidst Spike in CCM Activity, Reimbursement

March 2017: Social Determinants of Health in 2017: Scarcity of Supportive Services Hampers SDOH Linkages

February 2017: Home Visits in 2017: Opening Door to Enhanced Patient Adherence, Reduced Hospital Utilization

December 2016: Healthcare Trends for 2017: ACA Anxieties Aside, Majority Well-Positioned for Value-Based Reimbursement

October 2016: Care Coordination in 2016: Though Oversight of Complex Comorbid Spans Continuum, Reimbursement Remains Uneven

September 2016: Medication Management in 2016: Polypharmacy, Diabetes Patients Priorities for Pharmacist-Led Interventions

August 2016: Stratifying High-Risk Patients in 2016: As Risk Prediction Prevails, Industry Eyes Social Determinants, Rising Risk

June 2016: Health Coaching in 2016: Motivational Interviewing Sparks Behavior Change Conversation

May 2016: Population Health Management in 2016: New Payment Models Mean More 'Rising Risk' Scrutiny

March 2016: Digital Health in 2016: Connectivity Elevates Patient Experience, Satisfaction

February 2016: Data Analytics & Integration in 2016: Actionable Information Shapes Care for Healthcare 'Hot-Spotters,' Pares Cost

January 2016: Care Plans in 2016: High-Risk Health Markers, Care Transitions Trigger Planning Effort

December 2015: Healthcare Trends for 2016: Population Health, Patient Engagement, Pay-for-Value Consume Industry

October 2015: Value-Based Reimbursement in 2015: Quality, Satisfaction Markers Drive Healthcare Provider Rewards

September 2015: Patient Engagement in 2015: Programs Boost Care Plan Adherence, But Behavioral Health a Barrier

August 2015: Post-Acute Care Trends: Care Transition Management, PAC Partnerships Foster 'Warm Handoffs'

June 2015: Integrating Behavioral Health & Primary Care in 2015: One-Third Achieve Close Collaboration On-Site

May 2015: Accountable Care Organizations in 2015: One-Fifth Primed for 'Next Generation ACO' Participation

April 2015: Telehealth & Telemedicine in 2015: Remote Monitoring, Wearable Devices Upgrade Burgeoning Industry

March 2015: Care Transitions Management in 2015: EMRs, Discharge Summaries Sharpen Communication Between Care Sites

February 2015: Chronic Care Management in 2015: Positioning for Care Coordination Revenue

January 2015: Healthcare Trends: Payment Reform, Population Health and Partnerships

December 2014: Embedded Case Management

October 2014: Stratifying High-Risk Patients

September 2014: Reducing Avoidable ER Visits

July 2014: Population Health Management

June 2014: Telephonic Case Management

May 2014: Remote Patient Monitoring

March 2014: Patient-Centered Medical Homes

February 2014: Palliative Care

January 2014: Reducing Hospital Readmissions

December 2013: Healthcare Trends in 2014

November 2013: Health Risk Assessments

September 2013: Home Visits

September 2013: Accountable Care Organizations

August 2013: Dual Eligibles Care Management

July 2013: Telehealth

June 2013: Case Management

May 2013: Care Transitions

March 2013: Mobile Health

February 2013: Medication Adherence

January 2013: Health Coaching

December 2012: Healthcare Trends for 2013

November 2012: Population Health Management

September 2012: Health & Wellness Incentives

August 2012: Asthma Management

July 2012: Patient-Centered Medical Homes

June 2012: Second Annual Benchmarks in Accountable Care Organizations

June 2012: 2012 Trends in Embedded Case Management

April 2012: Third Annual Benchmarks in Reducing Readmissions

March 2012: Third Annual Benchmarks in Healthcare Case Management

January 2012: Second Annual Benchmarks in Reducing Avoidable ER Visits

January 2012: Benchmarks in Diabetes Management

December 2011: Healthcare Trends for 2012: Eighth Annual Benchmarks

November 2011: Second Annual Benchmarks in Improving Medication Adherence

Summer 2011: Benchmarks in Registry Use for Quality Improvement

May 2011: Benchmarks in Improving Patient Satisfaction and Experience

April 2011: Fifth Annual Benchmarks in the Patient-Centered Medical Home

March 2011: Benchmarks in Health & Wellness Incentives

February 2011: Benchmarks in Accountable Care Organizations

January 2011: Benchmarks in Healthcare Case Management

December 2010: Benchmarks in Reducing Hospital Readmissions

November 2010: Benchmarks in Tobacco Cessation & Prevention

October 2010: Healthcare Trends for 2011

September 2010: Benchmarks in Telehealth & Telemedicine

August 2010: Benchmarks in Health Coaching

July 2010: Benchmarks in Reducing Avoidable ER Visits

June 2010: Benchmarks in Health Risk Assessment

May 2010: Benchmarks in Care Transition Management

April 2010: Benchmarks in Obesity & Weight Management

March 2010: Benchmarks in Patient-Centered Medical Homes

February 2010: Benchmarks in Health & Wellness Incentives

January 2010: Benchmarks in Medication Adherence

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