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New Chart: Top 5 Health Coaching Promotion Tools

SUMMARY: More than half — 59 percent — of healthcare companies use their corporate Web site to promote health coaching, according to HIN's latest Health Coaching survey. We wanted to identify other ways these respondents market their health coaching programs.

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HIN's fourth annual Health Coaching survey documented how more than 150 healthcare organizations use health coaching as well as the financial and clinical outcomes that result. According to the responding companies, the top five ways to promote a health coaching program are:

  • Company Web site: 58.4 percent

  • Coach calls: 55.8 percent

  • Mailings: 48.1 percent

  • Newsletter: 48.1 percent

  • Word of mouth: 46.8 percent

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Source: 2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Health Coaching, April 2013

2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Health Coaching

2013 Healthcare Benchmarks: Health Coaching is HIN's fourth annual collection of data points on health and wellness coaching. This resource presents actionable new data on overall health coaching activity, with the latest metrics on the prevalence of health coaching, program components, delivery methods, preferred behavior change models, coaching case loads, ROI, future programs and more.

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