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New Chart: Home Visit Tasks

SUMMARY: Sometimes it takes a home visit to a patient with complex chronic conditions to understand the barriers to care compliance that they face. We wanted to see which tasks are being performed during home visits.

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The Healthcare Intelligence Network 2009 Managing Care Transitions Between Sites e-survey captured the essentials of care transition management from 93 healthcare organizations, who answered 24 multiple choice and open-ended questions.

For the 56.5 percent of respondents that include home visits in care transition programs, the following are the top five tasks performed during a home visit:

  • Falls assessment: 81.5 percent

  • Explanation of red flags for worsening conditions: 77.8 percent

  • Medication reconciliation: 77.8 percent

  • Patient self-management: 77.8 percent

  • Visiting nurse care: 74.1 percent

Source: 2010 Healthcare Benchmarks: Care Transition Management, February, 2010

2010 Healthcare Benchmarks: Care Transition Management

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